Helpful Belly Fat info to lose weight on the tummy

It is always healthy and attractive to have a flat stomach. In fact with the impact of the movie stars maintaining “six-pack” and “eight pack” abs, majority of people know are craving to have such a body. Do not despair anymore as research confirms that is much easier and faster to lose weight from the abdomen than anywhere else in the body. Why so? This is because it is said that visceral fat gets deposited in the waistline and is more metabolic active which helps you lose weight on the abdomen fast. You have ample belly fat info online which will help you understand the consequences and the health issues that one has to deal with excess belly fat. Excess belly fat increased your risks to major heart diseases, diabetes, cancer and many more fatal problems. It is better to get rid of it at the earliest by following a low carbohydrate diet and also ensuring that you get to do at least 30 mins of cardiovascular exercise regularly. It is known the major cause of belly fat is due to intake of refined carbohydrate and it is better to replace your rich card diet with good fibre content diet. It is also better to do abdomen crunching exercises and eat nutritious food to lose belly fat faster.

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