Doctors suggest people to lose weight with natural weight loss tips

Any person who has crossed the BMI (body mass index) scale, as per their age, height and sex, is said to be overweight. There are many risks associated with overweight and that is why Doctors suggest natural weight loss tips for a healthy living. That does not mean that they should be too lean. Every individual should maintain an ideal body weight, so that they lead a healthy and happy life. This will keep them away from many unwanted tensions also.

Pregnant women are also advised to be very careful by the doctors, because if they put on unwanted weight, then it is very risky for them and as well as the foetus.   Excess weight leads to liver problems as well and that is why people are told to be careful about fatty liver. Some types of cancer are also the result of excess body weight, and so we need to exercise great caution with regard to our diet, eating habits and exercise.

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